Ken LAM Tsz-Fung


“Many designers have innovative ideas, constantly improve themselves and pursue perfection.”

Turning an experience into a design inspiration is the reason for the emergence of many new products. During his work in the interior design industry, the founder of the Yuan Design Studio, Ken Lam, discovered that a ruler with more scales and functions can improve the flexibility of architectural and interior design work. Thus, he designed the T3 Scale Ruler & T Ruler - The three in one ruler, with 12 scales available.

Although the number of scales has been increased, Ken, who always pursues both the appealing appearances and functionality in his design works, hoped to keep the shape of his product similar to a normal scale, “I have spent much time understanding about the relevant knowledge and technologies and made attempts. Finally, I came up with the design of T3,” recalled by Ken.

The Spirit of Design
For a product to be launched, it is not only necessary to do a good job in design, but also to find a reliable manufacturer for production. Ken said frankly that it is sometimes difficult for designers with small budgets. Despite the difficulties, there are still many Hong Kong designers who are persisting, “Many designers have innovative ideas, constantly improve themselves and pursue perfection. Let us continue to work hard and create outstanding products together,” said Ken.


Ken LAM Tsz-Fung
Designer & Founder, Yuan Design Studio
Ken Lam, designer and founder of Yuan Design Studio. Trends in furniture design have evolved alongside societies, the materials they had access to, and advancements in technology, that’s why he has always been obsessed with furniture and chair design since he was a little kid. Having exposed to the interior design industry in past few years, he found himself passionate for creating aesthetic and innovating product. Establishing Yuan design studio allows him to illustrate his aesthetic sense and creativity with function through his brand. There are 2 main product lines of Yuan Design Studio - Stationery and Houseware, they want to present the aesthetic appeal and uniqueness of their products by making use of use different composition of geometric shapes, origami structures, nature elements and materials.


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