Arnold WONG, WONG Tat-Lai, WONG Cho-Ting


“A good design shall serve as an open and free framework for users to interpret it creatively.”

In a distinctive and popular architectural heritage, any design enhancement work requires a lot of consideration on the design language and environmental factors to create a holistic, harmonious, yet iconic design. When ARTA Architects created the TAI KWUN CHAIRS at Tai Kwun, Central, they intentionally chose colors and materials that align with the architectural style of the new and old buildings. The intersection point of history and art is further filled with humanity.

Visual Effect and User Experience 
When doing design works for buildings and public space, ARTA Architects prioritize flexibility and interactiveness to create lively spatial experiences for the users. Tat Lai Wong recalls that they came up with a bespoke locking system for easily installing and removing the TAI KWUN CHAIRS, to allow the number and arrangement of chairs to be adjusted quickly to suit different events such as musical performance and movie nights. Cho-Ting Wong also mentions the difference in color of the chairs, from dark to light, “Even if the venue remains unchanged, there is an unlimited flexibility and variety of visual effects”, said Cho-Ting.

Aside from appearance, user experience is just as crucial. “A good design does not stop at the moment when it is realized, instead, a good design shall serve as an open and free framework for users to interpret it creatively. This also serves as our inspiration for future creations,” said Arnold.


Arnold WONG, WONG Tat-Lai, WONG Cho-Ting (from left)
Co-founder, Design Team Member, ARTA Architects Limited
Arnold Wong and Tat Lai Wong are the co-founders of ARTA Architects, while Cho Ting Wong was one of the first team members when the design studio was founded in 2021. Through their passion for creating innovative designs, attention to detail, and a strong sense of teamwork, together they strive to deliver projects the unconventional ARTA way.

ARTA = ART + ARCHITECTURE, where the thought-provoking and experiential qualities of art meets the functionality and spatiality of architecture. The two inform and inspire each other in our works to create unexpected designs that stimulates one’s thoughts, emotions, and senses.

Based in Hong Kong, where the limited public spaces are often left unused, ARTA have created over 20+ public art and architectural installations in the past 2 years, that encourage community interactions and provides a platform for the public to creatively interpret and interact with the works. 


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