How to Apply

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Entry Qualifications

Corporate Group:
  • Company with Hong Kong Business Registration
  • Original design created by either in-house or outsource designers
  • Product entries must be completed products and not parts thereof
※ All entries/products should be an original design and launched in the market for not more than two years from date of application deadline (launched since 8 February 2022)
Conceptual Group:
  • Entrants may be students, designers, or companies, and may enter individually or as a group.
  • Entrants must be Hong Kong citizen with HKID card.
  • Submit 2D sketching / 3D rendering (JPG) or Prototype.
※ All entries must be original design created by individual or group
※ Same product/design cannot be enrolled to both individual Division and Corporate Group at the same time
※ Each product is limited to one category and one application. Repeated submissions under other categories will be deemed invalid.

Call for Entries Period

Early bird registration:
  • 14 November 2023 (Tue) to 26 January 2024 (Fri) , 23:59

    ※ Complete the create product group and registration fee on the online registration system within the early bird period for the early bird discount.
    ※ Please note that the product group shall not be changed after the deadline of early bird period. Otherwise, the general price of HK$1200 will be charged per product group.
General registration:
  • 27 January (Sat) to 8 February 2024 (Thu), 17:00
※ Revisions can be made to entries at any time prior to the deadline.

Registration Fee

Corporate Group:
  • Early bird price: HKD$600 per product group
  • General price: HKD$1,200 per product group
Conceptual Group:
  • General price: HKD$300 per group
  • No entry fee for students 
※Corporate Group: Each product is limited to one category and one application. Repeated submissions under other categories will be deemed invalid.
※Corporate Group: There are various sub-categories under the three categories (with a total of 15 sub-categories). Each company can submit up to three entries for each sub-category, so each company can submit up to 45 entries in total (3 categories x 15 sub-categories).
※Conceptual Group: Each independent designer/student can submit up to three entries, regardless of category.
※Failure to pay registration fee before the deadline will result in disqualification.

Registration Procedure

Please visit the official Hong Kong Smart Design Awards website ( for online registration and payment.

※ Revisions can be made to entries at any time prior to the deadline.

Key Dates & Judging

Preliminary Selection:
  • Mid - February to Early- March 2024, online selection.
Final Selection:
  • Mid March 2024
    ※ Corporate Group: If the submitted entry is selected for the final selection, it must be sent to the designated location within one week of the acceptance notice.
Award Ceremony:
  • 23rd May 2024
※This schedule may be subject to change. Please see the official website for the latest updates.

Awards Categories & groups

Corporate Group:
Toys & Games Category
  • Infant & Pre-school Toys
  • Kidult & Collectable Toys
  • STEM/STEAM Toys ( Educational )
  • Traditional Toys & Games
Gifts Category
  • Corporate Promotional Gifts
  • DIY & Handicraft
  • Leisure & Travel
  • Occasional & Festival
  • Office Supplies & Stationery
  • Personal Accessories
Home & Houseware Category
  • Home Décor & Plant Care 
  • Kitchen & Tabletop
  • Smart Living 
  • Outdoor
  • Wellness & Personal Care
Conceptual Group :
  • The product theme is [Gifts], [Home & Houseware] and [Toys & Games]

Learn about groups details >

Selection Procedure

Preliminary Selection:
  • Entries are selected to pass into the Final Selection by an expert, regional jury, based on the information presented in the online registration.
Final Selection:
  • Through the official selection process, a short list of finalists will be selected, and a list of Final Selection winners will be announced during the award ceremony. Final Selection winning entries will  enjoy the winner' benefits.


※ Awarded products will not be returned to entrants after submission. The award organizer may use them for exhibition and promotional purposes.

Selection Criteria

Marketability, Function, Innovativeness, Aesthetics

Home & Houseware:
Marketability, Function, Innovativeness, Aesthetics

Toys & Games:
Marketability, Play Value & Education Value, Innovativeness, Aesthetics

Learn about Selection Criteria details >

Payment Methods and Invoicing

Payment Methods:
  • Online payment : Please use Paypal to pay the registration fee online. Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB
  • Bank *: Direct Deposit via bank or internet
  • DBS ATM only * : For Bank card & Debit card holder transfer payment through DBS ATM.
  • ※ Participant bear any charges in relation to inward remittance.
  • *Please upload your bank-in slip after LOGIN.
  • Complete the form within the online registration system.

Important Notes

  • If ownership of an entry does not belong to a single entity, the applying company is required to acquire authorization from all relevant entities and to ensure the accuracy of the information presented. If any discrepancy in said information is found, the applying entity shall bear full responsibility and waive all qualifications, and the organizer reserves the right to cancel the entry and/or any prizes awarded to the applying entity.
  • If the required fees (g. registration fee) are not received in full by the organizer, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the entry and/or any prizes awarded to the applicant.
  • The HK Smart Design Awards reserves the right to use or modify entry information, descriptions, photographs, and videos provided by the applicant during registration for promotional purposes.
  • All design entry, company, and designer names displayed on the award certificate and trophy shall be based on the information logged into the registration system by the entrant, and may not be changed. If a change is requested after the registration deadline, the entrant shall pay for any costs incurred in reproducing the certificate or trophy.
  • Applicants participating in the secondary selection and final selection process will be solely responsible for any costs incurred in the transportation of their design entry (including import and export duties, insurance premiums, food inspections fees, etc.) and any required documentation. The organizer will not provide advance payment for deliveries (including import and export duties, insurance premiums, and food inspection fees, etc.).
  • Entrants are liable for any damages to their entries and should pack carefully for transport and arrange for insurance coverage.
  • While every precaution will be exercised in the handling of entries received by the Organizer, the Organizer accepts no liability for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever for any entry submitted.
  • "The organizer or the executive organizer reserves the right to amend any or all parts of this document at any time.