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How to Apply

How to Apply

Step #1
Create or Login
HKSDA account
Step #2
Upload Entry Information
Step #3
Download and Print
Step #4
Settle Participation Payment
Step #5
Submit Product (Corporate Group) /
(Conceptual Group)

Corporate Group

  • Company with Hong Kong Business Registration
  • Original design created by either in-house or outsource designers
  • Name of designer(s)/ team should be acknowledged
  • Product entries must be completed products and not parts thereof
  • All entries/products should be an original design and launched in the market for not more than two years from date of application deadline (launched since 22 February 2017).

Conceptual Group

– submit 2D sketching / 3D rendering (JPG)

– prototype that matches Theme of the Year

  • Student Division:
    • Full time students in Hong Kong education sectors / Hong Kong citizen studying overseas / part-time design student
    • All entries must be original design created by individual or group
  • Creative Individual:
    • Hong Kong citizen with HKID
    • No age limit

Date of application

Start Date : 26 October 2018

End Date  : 25 Feburary 2019

26 October 2018 - 25 Feburary 2019 Call for Entry
16 November 2018 HKSDA Kick Off Seminar
25 January 2018 Deadline for Early Bird Registration
15 Feburary 2019 Deadline for Regular Registration
25 Feburary 2019 Online Registration closed & Payment due date
Now until 25 Feburary 2019 Product Submission
March 2019 Adjudication
16 April 2019 Result Announcement
May 2019 Return of non-awarded entries


  • By Direct Deposit via bank or internet*
    Account Name  :  The Hong Kong Exporters' Association
    Bank Name       :  The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
    Swift Code        :  HSBCHKHHHKH
    Bank Code        :  004
    Account No.      :  491-3-017192 (HKD currency account)
    Address             :  Room 924, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    * Please upload your bank-in slip after LOGIN.

  • By Mail Cheque
    Payable to "The Hong Kong Exporters' Association"

    Address  :  Hong Kong Smart Design Awards Secretariat
                            c/o The Hong Kong Exporters' Association
                       Room 924, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    * Please write down your Company/Contact Name, ID Code & contact number at back of the cheque for identification.


Entrant Group

Early Bird Discount
(before 25 Jan 2019)

(26 Jan - 15 Feb 2019)

Last Call
(16 - 25 Feb 2019)


Corporate Group




per product group 1 to 3 entries

Conceptual Group -
Creative Division




1 to 3 entries

Conceptual Group - 
Student Individual




1 to 3 entries

* All bank charges are to be borne by payer
* All charge is non-refundable


- Each single design/product can only enter ONE product group, multiple submission will be withdrawn from consideration
- For Corporate Group, each company can submit 3 designs/products in each product group, i.e. maximum number of submitted entries is 42 (3 products x 14 product groups)

Baby & Mother Care
A variety of products designed for babies & maternities including bottles, carriers, and clothing with NO play value.
Corporate Promotional Gifts
Give-away premiums designed for multi-clients
​Serve as corporate souvenirs or free gifts to promote client's corporate image or special project/event
Leisure & Travel
Products aimed at facilitating or enhancing travelling experience.
Products designed for recreational purpose or to enhance the general quality of leisure time.
Occasional & Festival
Gifts dedicated to special occasions
For custom festivals such as Lunar New Year, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.
​For religious festivals such as Thanksgiving day, Christmas, Buddha's Birthday, etc.,
For special occasions such as New Year Eve, Wedding, Birthday, New born Baby, Graduation ceremony, Children's day, Mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's day, etc.
Personal Accessories
Gifts for carrying or wearing as personal fashion accessories
Covered lifestyle products such as fashion-related products, jewellery, watches, bags or wallets, etc.
Gifts for office and/ or study environment
i.e.: office gifts, stationery, reading tools, etc.



Dining & Party
Tableware used for setting a table, serving food and dining. It includes cutlery, glassware, serving dishes and other useful items for practical as well as decorative or party purposes


Items, gadgets, tools and accessories found in kitchen and used for cooking, baking or food preparation etc.


Living & Home Décor
Variety of home products found in living room, including home organization products, home accessories and decoration. (Excluding furniture)


Pet & Plant Care
Devices, gadgets or products made for pet or plant that provide perfect care for the outdoors or indoors.


Wellness & Personal Care
Items found in bathroom and/or for personal wellness , hygiene and beautification.


For 0 – 36 months

For 3 – 8 year-old

Over 8 year-old

       Creative Individual       


Student Division

Theme : Home & Houseware 

Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit
  • The best designs from each of the 11 product groups of Gifts and Home & Houseware categories and Conceptual Group will be awarded a Gold, Silver, Bronze and Merit. 
  • Each of 3 product groups of Toys & Games will be awarded a Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  • All awards are selected by judging panels.
Judge Award
The 7 judges in each judging panel will select their most favourable entries from Corporate Group with maximum of 21 Judge Awards will be chosen.
Green Award
This is presented to entry which has incorporated environmentally sustainable principles/ elements in design and production. A total of 2 entries will be selected from all finalists under Home & Houseware category (Corporate Group and Conceptual Group) and 1 entry under Gifts category.
Technology Award - for Corporate Group only
1 entry each from both Gifts and Home & Houseware categories respectively
This is presented to entry which has incorporated technology elements in design and production.
Smart Aging Award - for Corporate Group only
1 entry each from both Gifts and Home & Houseware categories respectively
This is presented to entry which has met the needs of the seniors.
Outstanding Packaging - for Corporate Group only
1 entry each from both Gifts and Home& Houseware categories respectively.
This is presented to entry which bring us the creativity, marketability, innovative, execution and quality of their package.

Best of the Year (NEW!) - for Corporate Group only
The best entry among 3 groups of Toys & Games category.

Awarded Products Featured in Awards Booklet & Leaflet
9,000+ distribution to VIPs, potential buyers, distributors 
Awarded Products Showcase in Hong Kong, Japan and Germany Roving Exhibitions
21,000+ unique visitors to Awards exhibitions (2018)

Click HERE to know more: 
Media Exposure
70+ Printed Coverage in 2018
HK$11M+ Media Value in 2018
Business Matching Services - For Corporate Group ONLY
Each corporate winner will be arranged to attend buyer meeting and present their products to the buyers at individual “Buyer meeting”
Awards Icon Entitlement
All awardees will be granted the rights to use HKSDA award icons with corresponding awarded products for marketing/promotional/commercial use.
Awardees will receive trophy at Press Conference and Awards Presentation Ceremony.
Cash Coupons & Prototype - For Conceptual Group ONLY
Gold, Silver & Bronze awardees in Student Division and Creative Individual will be awarded with HK$ 3,000, HK$2,500 and HK$2,000 (Student) and HK$5,000, HK$ 4,000 and HK$3,000 (Creative Individual) respectively.

They will also be assisted with prototype building.

1. Disqualification or Withdrawal

  • The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any entries not prepared in accordance with the regulated format and entry fees will not be refunded.
  • Any entries being withdrawn by any entrants, no fee will be refunded.
  • Please notify the Organizer by email if any withdrawals on or before the submission deadline.
  • Payment must be made when entries submitted. Entrants may be disqualified if payment for all entries is not settled by 25 Feburary 2019.

2. Return of Non-Awarded Entries

  • All non-awarded entries will be returned by May 2019. He/She is required to pick up in person with further notice from the Organizer the collecting location and time by email. Special arrangement only upon request by completing the form of “Request for Entries Return” and email to enquiry@SDAwards.org.hk by April 2019.

3. Liability for Loss and Damage

  • While every precaution will be exercised in the handling of entries received by the Organizer, the Organizer accepts no liability for any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever for any entry submitted.
  • It is advisable for the entrants to arrange product liability insurance for their entries.

4. The Participant declares and warrants that the Entry does not

  • Infringe or violate, or involve elements that infringe or violate any applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to crimes, violence, obscenity, indecency, libel defamation, races misunderstanding or discrimination, privacy invasion, under any kind of preferential treatment, solicitation, or threatening;
  • Infringe or violate any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patent, trademarks, trade names, trade secrets or other proprietary rights, held by any third parties, regardless whether or not such rights are known to the Participant;
  • Contain any confidential information of any third parties;
  • Contain an individual or organization who did not give their consent.

5. Design Registration and Patent

  • It is the responsibility of the entrants to protect designs by design registration or patent. All matters regarding design copyright will be arranged by the entrant(s).

6. Exhibition/Interview

  • The Organizer reserves all rights to exhibit and/or publicize the prize-winning and other entries in any format at their discretion.
  • The awarded parties would be interviewed. Photo and video shooting of the awarded and merit entries would also be made for promotion via website and various materials, ie..., Awards Booklet, video at the Awards Presentation Ceremony & Press Conference and exhibition venues.

7. Notice

  • The Organizer may at anytime and without notice, amend or alter their prizing policy and/or deadlines.

8. Personal Data

  • All personal information submitted will solely be used for the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards purposes. In accordance with Sections 18 and 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance by Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong, the entrants have the rights regarding access to and correction of personal data provided.

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