Jarvis Chin: Make Hong Kong Culture Seen

Walking along the streets, have you ever paid attention to the manhole covers? Each pattern and text behind the ordinary look have their own meanings. Maybe Jarvis Chin, the founder of Concretology, is right:
"We are seldom aware of the ‘very Hong Kong things’ around us."
Use of Local Elements
The Hong Kong Manhole Cover Coaster, designed by Jarvis and made of cement, fully presents the local saying of "round for stormwater, square for sewage ": the pattern of small squares indicates a manhole cover for sewage drains, while the round and radical pattern indicates the one for stormwater drains; the small arrow in "H↑K" logo shows that the materials are supplied by the government.

When the cup sweats, the coaster looks like a manhole cover in rainy days. Such conception, coupled with the strong local color, connect well with Hong Kong people, while the feedback from foreigners is polarized: they find it either interesting or boring.

“DAPER”, the tear-off daily calendar with ancient almanac elements, also receives extreme feedbacks. It is much more popular in the Chinese-speaking regions than among the foreigners.

Ingenious Incorporation of Cultural Totems
So, shall we see local elements a selling point or limitation? It depends on the ingenuity of designers. Many designs from Japan imply Japanese philosophy but are free of incongruity, “With excellent painting and craftsmanship, the cultural totems and concepts are smoothly incorporated,” explained Jarvis.
With his innovative ideas, products mainly of local characteristics will remain the flagship of Concretology, bringing the Hong Kong culture into the sight of many.

Jarvis Chin
Concretology,Product Designer
Jarvis Chin is a handicrafter and a product designer, graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute. In 2018, driven by great passion for preserving local culture, Jarvis has launched his first product on Kickstarter. He then continues on his design journey by setting up Concretology in 2019. With the strong characteristics of local elements, Jarvis’ works have been selected for Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (2018 & 2020) and Golden Pin Design Award 2020.


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