Gray Leung: Dream Maker

Follow your dream with all your might
Gray is the kind of people who would follow his dream at all costs. His parents didn’t want him to study design while he was doing well academically, since the prevailing mentality was that designer is a career for the losers. He gave up matriculation to get himself a seat in design school. When he was later on doing well as a graphic designer, he gave up stable income and life to fund his product design dream. His dream of studying design and becoming a designer has been solidly realised. When he came to recognise his deep urge on his graphic design journey, he shifted gears to product design in 2009 after cashing in his flat. His early products flopped, but his courage returned after launching his third product. His breakthrough design of silicon alarm clock was well received and this enabled him to charge onward.
There would be no silicon alarm clock without Gray Leung
Gray always says that money is not the goal for designer. The urge deep within Gray was to leave a positive mark upon the world. He considers himself a philosopher taking Product Design as a tool for transmiting his messages to the world. The profound message underlying his hand-powered instant camera is that photography captures the precious moments creating beautiful memories, though It has sadly become a headache to sort and remove unwanted ones from the overflown folder before uploading for storage.
Extraordinary thinking, extraordinary design
Gray listed the qualities of great designer. A great designer always stay curious and considerate. A great designer looks into big data for trends but not needs (forward looking), who does not follow where the path may lead but go where there is no path even when everyone else object the idea. Gray believes that great idea is deemed to be rejected and ridiculed, and design takes extraordinary thinking and execution.

Reaching overseas markets
Gray managed to take the silicon alarm clock to the Japanese market and won the Good Design Award in 2013. His instant camera is also well received in the Thai market. He cannot stress enough the crux of introducing new products in overseas markets is detailed market study. It is therefore essential to fine-tune a product for each target market.

Mr. Gray Leung
Creative Director, Graphic Guides Design Company
Gray Leung is a Maker and designer with experience in high-quality and functional home-ware and gadget. Bound by strong aesthetics and visionary views of design, he has created and brought high quality products to the market. He interprets and develops the products into modern design classics for your life and home. Project partners are including Polaroid, Holga, Disney, Franc Franc.


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