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Chairman cum Project Convenor's Remarks

Chairman cum Project Convenor's Remarks

Mr. Benson PAU
Chairman, The Hong Kong Exporters' Association
HKSDA Project Convenor

The Hong Kong Exporters' Association (HKEA) has been devoted to support Hong Kong exporters in exploring their business opportunities, enhancing their market value and recognition. In order to strengthen the competitiveness and stand out in the rapid changing global economy, "Hong Kong Smart Design Awards" (HKSDA) has motivated local manufacturers and exporters to achieve the business strategy of "Design x Strategy x Technology = Smart Business" by incorporating various elements for breakthrough in development. In addition, it has led and cultivated local design talents into the design market. 

Following the success of HKSDA, HKEA has been developing other 2 on-going projects since 2018. With the support from the “Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales” (BUD fund) under the Trade and Industry Department, we are showcasing awarded products in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen and help exporters to explore market potential in China under the program of "Sparkle Hong Kong Smart Designs to China" (SHKSD). In 2018, HKEA organized the first edition of Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong with Palexpo, Switzerland, organizer of Geneva Inventions, to unveil the inventions from Asia to the world. These 3 programs are not independent ones, but interrelated, from creating innovative and unique ideas, formulating product design and marketing strategy, exploring new market opportunities to enhance the competitive position of Hong Kong exporters as ultimate goal.”.

Last but not least, with the support to the above 3 programs, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all participants, especially HKSDA’s major sponsor "CreateHK" and our par tners for their dedicated suppor t. We will continue to keep up our work and carry out the spirit of HKSDA for continuous success.