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08-12/ 02/ 2018 Inspiration Trip- Germany

08-12/ 02/ 2018 Inspiration Trip- Germany

After visiting in Switzerland, we went to Germany for Inspiration trip ! Our main purpose of the trip-  The Roving Exhibition in Ambiente (Frankfurt)!

1. Ambiente Frankfurt 
More than 2000 visitors were attracted by HKSDA Awarded products. During the Ambiente, Awarded designers shared their own design ideas and concepts with all interested partners around the world. 


2. Networking Cocktail Recepti
We have developed international business network at Networking Cocktail Reception. We had a great moment to gather with buyers and designers.


3. Germany Design Awards and The Solutions 
Awardees are proud to be the winner of ‘German Design Awards’ and ‘Solutions’. Congratulation to the designer of " I am "- Paul Lam and "Ducky Pour Spout & Strainer"- Yuk Wang who won the Awards respectively. It is the recognition from international and the Design market. 


4. Karstadt Department Store Visit 
Besides the roving exhibition, we understood the customers preference and buying behavior in European Market. 


We enjoyed the moment in Germany and Switzerland! It was really a good time to learn and understand the market. Thank you for all supports and see you in the coming event!