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Hong Kong Gift Designs Shine with World' s Reputation

[22 Feb 2017] Funded by “Break the Cocoon, Sparkling Hong Kong!” (BCSHK) of CreateHK, The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA) led a delegation of 21 awarded designers of the Hong Kong Smart Gifts Design Awards 2016 (HKSGDA 2016), to Frankfurt, Germany and Lausanne, Switzerland during 9 - 16 February for an 8-day inspiration trip. During the trip, designers participated and showcased their awarded products in “Ambiente Frankfurt” to explore overseas market and latest global market trends. They not only exchanged ideas with designers around the world, but also build business network with international buyers and gained fruitful experience through attending lectures and visits.

HK Original Designs showcased at Ambiente Frankfurt
The HKSGDA is the only Asian design awards granted to showcase its awarded products at Ambiente Frankfurt which is the leading international consumer goods trade fair drawing around 142,000 trade visitors. Over 60 awarded products are being exhibited this year. With innovative and original designs, HKSGDA has attracted more than 2,000 visitors and potential buyers in the 5-day show, revealing Hong Kong’s excellence in design is highly recognized in the global market.
Mr. Benson PAU, Chairman of HKEA and Project Convenor of HKSGDA hosted a networking reception on the first day of the trade show, inviting overseas exhibitors, buyers and media to cheer for the success of HKSDGA 2016. HKTDC, Frankfurt office, German Designer Club, German Trade Association, General Committee members of HKEA and many industrial practitioners came to show their support. Guided tour is also arranged in which designers shared their design concepts of their awarded products.
HKSGDA Awarded Product Shines on Global Awards
“Rainbow Chopping Board”, the Bronze Award of HKSGDA 2016, is selected out of dozens of competitive products as one of the 27 best products of SOLUTIONS 2017 which targets smart solutions for everyday kitchen and household problems. Its designer, Ms Rita Kwok, felt honored by the recognition which is a remarkable milestone for “Rainbow Chopping Board” to reach overseas market. The award not only boosted product enquiries, but also raised its webpage visits significantly.
Extension of Frankfurt, Design & Cultural Study in Switzerland
To make the trip more comprehensive, a visit to Karstadt, a famous Department Store, was also arranged. The visit was guided by its representatives with a detailed presentation on retail market, latest trend and customer buying behavior in Germany, allowing delegates to understand the local household and giftware market, as well as tactics of brand launch and retail operation.
For the first time BCSHK! Inspiration Trip led delegates further reached Switzerland. The delegation was received by University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) which is ranked the world’s top 10 universities of art and design. Campus and exhibition visits were arranged by its Director, Mr. Alexis Georgacopoulos. The group was impressed by the facilities as well as the teaching philosophy; nurturing all-round development of design talent. The exploration of EPFL+ECAL Lab and exhibition of“Noir c'est noir?” in Art Lab given designers a spark about the potential of emerging technologies through design by different real life projects and gained new understanding and presenting of black color in art and science approach.
Apart from Academy, visits to Mudac Museum and Olympic Museum in Lausanne also nurtured artistic sense of designers. Flourished in contemporary design and applied arts, Mudac Museum is well known by its ambition in coordinating a diversity of thematic exhibition projects focusing on young talents. “Olympic”, one of the most famous brand in the world. The museum exhibits more than 1,000 objects and 150 screens of art work related to Olympic Games and sports. And, a wide range of fun and extendable gifts items offering in souvenir shop given a good case study designers on corporate promotional gifts.  An HKSGDA 2016 awarded products was even found selling at the famous Olympic Museum!
After the trip, delegates have been highly appreciated BCSHK programmes. “As a small enterprise, I have never thought of exhibiting in such an international trade fair. Thanks to HKSGDA, our products are recognized and I successfully made business at the fair. ” said Paul Lam, HKSGDA 2016 awardee. He also encourages young designers to join the Awards, “You never try, you will never know how far you can reach. Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017 will soon close application on 28 February. Do not miss the chance to be the next delegate of BCSHK! Inspiration Trip 2017”.