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Ambiente Trip

Winning Designers’ Inspiration Trip to Ambiente Frankfurt and Netherlands Commenced with Cheers
We are proud of these young designers having done great jobs in the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards.  23 of them are sponsored by the CreateHK funding to begin their trip from 7 to 14 February 2019.  Business matching at the Ambiente Frankfurt, visiting museums and design institutes are the main objectives of the Trip.

The Hong Kong Smart Design Awards of 2019 is calling for last entries.  Would you like to be one of the winning designers in the Inspiration Trip next year?  The deadline this year is 22nd February 2019 (Friday), hold your opportunity to join.  

Let’s see some snapshots in the trip…

Buyers were amazed with the awarded products design from Hong Kong.

A Guided Tour held by designers to present their awarded products to VIPs at the Cocktail Reception.

Come to join The Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2019, you might be the one in next Inspiration Trip.  Awaiting your participation.