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05-07/ 02/ 2018 Inspiration Trip- Switzerland

05-07/ 02/ 2018 Inspiration Trip- Switzerland 

Germany and Swiss Inspiration Trip 2018 Started by visiting Switzerland!
1. ETH Zurish
Understood of history, campus, research and development and networking with student’s ambassador. 

(2) Vitra Museum
Flourished in contemporary themes, future technologies, sustainability and social awareness to eliminate the design concepts of designers.


(3) ECAL Lab 
Visited and exploration of ECAL and EPFL Lab. Enjoyed its exhibition and material lab.


(4)Mudac Museum 
The collection in museum inspired designers to appear with a personality and own character on their designs.


(5)Olympic Museum 
Demonstrated the history and cultural, designs of Olympic Game by three major themes, including Olympic World, Games and Spirit.