Product Name:
ESCAPE Suitcase

Applicant Company:


Product Group:
Leisure and Travel


- Gold
- Judge Award
- Tech Award
- Finalist

Inspired by the unification of intelligence and simplicity, the ESCAPE suitcase is a mix of technology and style.

Contrarily to today’s luggage that merely provide a protective shell, the legendary travel trunks were mobile “transformer” furniture allowing you to set up your home anywhere. This inspired us to overhaul the space organisation and add new functionalities making ESCAPE a nomadic mix between an office desk, a smart modular little closet and a carry-on.

• World’s first and only patented electric generating spinner wheels
• Protective ultra-lightweight wheel suspension system
• Flat top as working surface
• Unique easy-access top compartment
• Front pocket with magnetic door
• Easy-access digital devices compartment for fast security clearance
• Flat top working surface
• Bespoke niche for toiletry bag to keep main compartment easy to pack
• Dual handle system
• Hydrophobic fabric
• Complies with the new AITA regulations for smart luggage
• App with battery and signal dashboard, a movement notifier, the latest and most updated exchange rates when you visit a new country.