Ms. Alice Lai

Ms. Alice Lai
Executive Director, LF Asia Direct
Li & Fung (Trading) Ltd.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Alice studied in the United States where she obtained her BS degree from Boston University and later in Hong Kong, an EMBA degree from Chinese University. She worked in both the U.S. and Canada as a corporate manager in manufacturing and auditor in finance prior to joining the Li & Fung Family in 1993 as an Executive Assistant.
At Li & Fung, She started with limited experience in the industry, but having been given a lot of opportunities and exposures, she was able to excel. Starting in a general merchandiser position, Alice then moved on to toys and crafts, license and brands, eventually to home and lifestyle gifts. Along the years, the business has kept transforming from a traditional agency business to trading as principle. Currently, Alice manages and oversees a global Lifestyle Home and Gifts business, market channels including from specialty, direct selling to online.  Surely it is the entrepreneurial spirit of the company that has led Alice to stay here for the past 20 years.