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Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

Mr. Brian SUN Vice Chairman , HKEA
Chairman , Advisory Committee (Gifts, Home & Houseware)

Mr. Benson PAU Chairman , HKEA
Project Convenor of HKSDA

Mr. Vincent Ma Vice Chairman , HKEA
Chairman, Advisory Committee (Toys & Baby)

Ir. Dr. Alfred Tan  Head of Knowledge Transfer Office,
Hong Kong Baptist University

Mr. Spencer Fung;General Committee Member, HKEA

Ms. May So Executive Committee Member, HKDA

Mr. Fai Leung President, IDSHK

Mr. Daniel Chan Head, Department of Product & Interior Design, HKDI

 Mr Simon K W Wong, BBS, JP,
Chairman, HKBDC

Mr. Roger Ngan General Committee Member, HKEA

Mr. Bryant Chan Executive Committee Member, HKTC

Mr. Ivan TingHonorary Chairman, HKEA
Chairman, HKTC

Mr. YM Tam Past President, TMHK

Mr. Sonny Choy Assistant Professor, Department of Design, 
Faculty of Design and Environment of Thei